Austin Street is filled with some great (and sadly) not-so-great restaurants. As Forest Hills residents, my boyfriend and I agreed a noodle and/or gelato joint would take this street’s food game up a notch. Someone must of heard because while we were walking by on a cold Sunday afternoon,  we almost did a double take on Xin Taste Hand Pull Noodle noodle shop, which felt like appeared overnight. I walked inside the authentic hand pulled noodle shop and my mouth was literally watering from the noodle steam.

The restaurant was a bit on the small side but could seat a few groups. There was also counter space in the far corner where you could totally creep and watch my main man cut and pull noodles like it’s nobody’s business through a glass window. Shout out to the owner: glass window *thumbs up*. Hunger was no longer a past-time as I was glued to the whole process. With that said my friends, if you visit, this is not a place to blabber or catch up with your friends. One only goes to eat and slurp among noodle friends. Eat and slurp. You got it? Good. Then you gtfo. No seats? Take-out is solid. No soggy noodles for you.

Note: There’s a note on the board in the restaurant but I’ll give you the heads up anyway: Hand-peeled=Fat noodles. Hand-Pulled= Skinny noodles.

Now onto the food.  I ordered the vegetable hand peeled noodle. The broth was pleasant, a bit under salted and noodles were fresh and tender but sadly my veggies brought nothing to this dish 😦 Like not to be rude pero…who puts raw tomatoes in soup? Is this a thing? Who said this was okay? Who created this lie??? Raw tomatoes, NO. I took those bad boys out before I grilled them to death. My boyfriend had the beef hand-peeled noodle which was perfect. It just tasted…right. Beef+noodles= good. Raw tomatoes +noodles = bad. Iiiiii…. imma stop.

We also shared steamed dumplings which were delicious. Packed with pork, greens and onions. Super flavorful.


While I was mesmerized/upset by my floating tomato, my boyfriend vacuumed about 6 dumplings by himself. Once I woke up, one dumpling was left and I was THIS close to leaving him. People do yourselves a favor, if your girlfriend is hungry and pms-ing, don’t eat her share of dumplings. Please. If you do, it’s war. Her sanity, which is based on being full and satisfied, will quickly diminish and she will be convinced that your mission on earth is to leave her hungry.


Xin Taste Hand Pull Noodle- ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
72–38 Austin Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Open Wed-Mon from 11am-10pm; Closed Tuesdays
Visit on Yelp



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