What up fam! I know, I KNOW. Its been a minute and I left ya’ll hanging in my last quarantine routine. The Domestic Queen is back and she’s ventured onto making bake/ rant videos for fun. I figured since it will be a minute till my next review, I could atleast share what I’ve been baking with the internet ghosts out there.

First episode features ” Bloomer Bread” from “Paul Hollywoods Bread” cookbook and it’s one of my current favorite things to bake right now. Not only is it so simple, it’s so fucking tasty and so good. If you haven’t jumped onto the bread-baking wagon during this quarantine, drop your Key Food bread and watch this video ASAP.

Here’s the list of ingredients:

500g strong white flour
10g salt
7g instant yeast
40ml oil
320ml cold water

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