Alice’s Tea Cup is in my opinion, one of the best affordable and best-for-your-buck afternoon-tea spots in NYC. I contemplated using the word affordable because honestly, it’s pretty pricey but if you can score a Travel Zoo or Groupon , it is by far the best deal in town. Currently, there are no running promotions but they run  frequently so check back often.

When the deals aren’t running, I still pay full price. They make some of the best scones. Vegan options too. MHMM.

Now if Disney, children books or kids isn’t your thing, don’t let the ambiance deter you. The food is good, I promise but there are kids EVERYWHERE. To be fair, it’s kind of children’s restaurant…okay, I’m losing you but I promise the food is good.  Sometimes its a fairly adult crowd and if you can get past the whining and crying, the experience is quite pleasant.

Now onto the good part.

What to order:

Tea (duh)

Alice Tea Cup has an excellent selection of homemade tea. You can even take it home! They sell tea by the oz at the register. There is a 2oz minimum though.


Ugh, I think I only come for the scones. They bake them fresh on premise so with every order you get a nice, warm, fresh scone you can devour with cream and jam. They change up the scones every day but you can call ahead of time if you’re looking forward to eat one in particular. Their blueberry almond vegan scone has been my favorite so far… That’s it your convinced but you just want the scone? No need to dine in! You can order some to go! They sell them by the register as well.


Not going to lie, their sandwiches entrees are pricey for what you get ( Salad and sliced sandwich) but they are pretty tasty…You can’t go wrong with any of their grilled sandwiches and you can add bacon or chicken for extra $$$. You can also make  any sandwich into a salad but last time I tried, ended up paying more money for less food.

Earlier this year the restaurant increased all their prices and eliminated tipping. Personally, I don’t feel much of a difference since I always tip 15-20% and the checks have been roughly the same. However I do think there afternoon tea for two is a bit pricey ($71-$100). As I mentioned earlier, grab a voucher when you can and pay less than half the regular price.

Alice Tea – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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