Let me start by saying, if you wanna skip this review, here are four words:

Do not come here.

There. Dassit. That’s the end of my review. Go home. Browse another site. Eat a frickn’ cheeto. This doll is done…

This is my sad attempt at bashing the place cause the good word has gone out…Peeps, truth is…I really love this place and I don’t want you to come here so I can regularly reserve a room without saying any prayers or waiting on moon-star alignments. SO THERE.

My boyfriend and I found the oasis B&B  on a whim after searching for places to dine in Martha’s Vineyard. We originally had planned for a day trip but with little convincing from their gallery page, my boyfriend and I figured we could spend a night or two…Luckily for us they had one spare room available for a two night stay, so we booked it quickly.


The inn is located on the far west side of the island, about a 45 min drive from the ferry terminal and tourists (hence why it’s called Outermost Inn).  When we arrived, we were greeted by the reception and shown to our rooms. We stayed in the B-Ash room which had wonderful views of the back lawn, trees and the ocean (from a distance).


As judgemental as I am, I will admit it is incredibly easy to win me over with a scrumptious breakfast.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and when it’s done right, any political, personal and hormonal turmoil that is affecting my mood is completely gone. With that said, Outermost Inn stole my heart at “Here’s your fruit salad w/ sorbet to start”. Sorbet?! SAAAAAAYYYYY WHHHHHHATTTTTT.


Like seriously, who gets this kind of love at Breakfast? Adopt me.
Fresh sunny side eggs, sausage and toast.

The area itself is relatively quiet, so if you’re looking to party, window-shop or any kind of urban theme, this place is not for you but if you’re looking to just CHILL, as in read a  book, enjoy the sunset, go to the beach and occasionally see some deer munchin’ , this place is still not for you.  Did you forget already? I’m a selfish B. Don’t come here.

A few minutes up the hill, you can find shops by the lighthouse and cliffs. There’s some food  but I think you’re better offer grabbing dinner at the inn or somewhere else on the island. Shops have a cute range tourist-y items to bring back as gifts. A little past the shops, is top of the hill where you get a beautiful views of the ocean (or is sound?) and cliffs.  You can also walk a few minutes down the to beach and get a SERIOUS tan. Forewarning to repeatedly wear sunblock:  I was there for about 2 hours and got seriously fried…even with spf.


After a nice day of explorin’, nappin’ and getting fried, make sure to grab dinner back at the inn. They fill up quickly as night, especially around sunset so make a reservation well in advance. Now onto the best part: THE FOOD.

Vineyard Chargrilled Oysters

Now I will say if I had to critique ONE thing, the portions were a bit small for the hefty pre-fixe price (90- something dollars pp) but everything I had was exceptional. My boyfriend started his meal with the Vineyard Chargrilled Oysters which were bathed in kimchi butter (mhmmmmm) , crispy garlic and lemon and I got the Outermost Garden Salad which had beets, radishes, grapefruit, lemon & purple basil & lemon mascarpone all intertwined into one and beautifully plated “mid-spin”.

Outermost Garden Salad

For our main course we had the East Coast Halibut and the Beef Tenderloin. I was too mesmerized by my beef (that’s what he said) to have any input on the Halibut but my boyfriend raved about his fish. Ugh the beef tenderloin was sooo good. Too good. Perfectly cooked with avocado crema, pepper and potato hash, tomatillo salsa, manchego cheese, black garlic, all paired with a glass of wine, overlooking the sunset… My friends, I present to you the scientific equation to a perfect evening. Worst part is that it ended too soon because like I said, the portions were too friggin’ small.

Beef Tenderloin
East Coast Halibut

After we finished our meals, we freed up our table for the next eager guests and we headed to the lawn with fellow diners to watch the sunset. If you can’t make a reservation, I highly suggest grabbing food elsewhere and getting drinks at the inn as you’re still able to enjoy the lush green and beautiful scenery aside with guests.


When I woke up the next day, to another round a beautiful breakfast made with love, I was so sad. It’s not like I did much but I felt super recharged physically and emotionally.

So yea I hope all that deters you from coming here…DANG this review is long. Well if you made it this far, I already gave you the synopsis in the beginning. I booked my dates for next year. Don’t let me find you here.


Outermost Inn- ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
81 Lighthouse Rd,
Aquinnah, MA 02535
Visit Website
Visit Yelp

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