The stand-only popular Japanese chain started quite a buzz when it first opened in NYC in February 2017. Since then, they’ve open up four more locations throughout the city. On a busy St. Patrick’s Day, we were pleasantly surprised to find the fifth ave location empty with available seating, unlike the other stand-only locations.


It was my first time visiting the chain and though I heard much about their steaks, I wasn’t prepared to have my mind blown. For a steak that is meant to be served in a fast-food fashion,


My steak was the real deal with no frills. No downgrade in quality or taste. My steak was supreme.

I ordered a medium-cooked 14 oz sirloin which came with a side of corn and onions. Ohmahgawd. It was so good… Grilled to perfection with a dark-brown, black and crispy  char, my steak was juicy and beautiful, from the inside out. Yo for real, I was so conflicted. Was I biting into my soul mate?

Hello…are you the love of my life?

If you’ve never been to Ikinari Steak, there’s a simple food ordering process which makes it a little fast-foodie, as I mentioned earlier. To order steaks, you first head to the back of the restaurant where you’ll be greeted by a butcher who will ask you to choose your steak, cut, oz and cooking preference. There’s a 7oz minimum but you can choose any oz after that. Once your steak is cut, it’s weighed and priced to order. You then choose your sides, add-ons and then head back to your table to order drinks and more side dishes.

We ordered the garlic rice and side salad. The garlic rice came out in a sizzling stone bowl mixed with raw beef, corn and pepper. I mixed all the ingredients together and the meat cooked nicely with the garlic. After a few minutes, the rice in the bottom of the stone bowl built a nice crunchy layer that only Dominicans can appreciate. To my fellow platanos, that shit was like Concón BUT with garlic and beef… I KNOW.



Ikinari Steak 5th Ave- ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
37 West 46th St
New York, NY 10036
Visit Website
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