LA is a once-a-year kind of deal for my boyfriend and I. So when we go, we eat at Cafe Dulce EVERY MORNING. Every pastry I’ve tried here is delicious but the winner here are the Rotis.

Random question: is it called Roti everywhere else? When I try to describe Rotis to my east coast peeps they just get confused and then I get confused…

How can I best describe a Roti? Imagine one of those Chinese pineapple buns except just a little lighter in texture. The inside is fairly empty but coated with some glaze/gooey hybrid. Depending on the roti, the glaze/goo will have a different flavor. Yea… sorry. I’m really not doing it any justice. Just go eat one.

My all-time faves are the Green Tea and Original Roti. My boyfriend is obsessed with the Mocha Roti. We laugh and kid but I honestly think he’s plotting on moving to LA… Besides the karate tournament we come to every year, it’s the ONLY reason why we visit LA.

Original Roti, Iced Green Tea, Blueberry latte and “Insane in the Membrane” in the background. You’re right Cypress Hills, these are insane.


Cafe Dulce- ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
134 Japanese Village Plz Bldg E

Los Angeles, CA 90012
Visit Website
Visit Yelp


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