On a snowy then rainy and then snowy day, my cold booty was cravin’ some good ol’ Channa Masala. I’ve been planning my day trip to Tandoor Palace since yesterday. It’s across the street from my job.

Tandoor Palace is a blue-collar lunch joint that serves some pretty amazing Indian food. Yelp would say otherwise…but they don’t know.


Everything is served cafeteria style, over a Styrofoam plate. There’s a buffet in the front for quick, typical Indian staples but they also serve daily specials which are made-to-order. Their Channa Masala is my favorite version of channa…EVER.Β  I salivate when I think about it. Sometimes when I’m hangry and out of the city, I crave it and get hangrier. Sometimes I swirl the masala with a plastic spoon to try and examine and define the ingredients of this magnificent dish, with the hopes of recreating this dish on my own. So far, not good 😦

Okay…lentils…garlic…are those cloves??

Think differently? Know a better place? Do me a favor and DM me your NYC options. I’ve been on a NYC quest to find the best channa and I have yet to come across a place that tops this one.Β With a warm piece of Naan, this channa warms my SOUL. I literally dance as I eat it. It makes me SOOOO happy. Every time I come here with a hangry headache, I forgive everyone who has ever wronged me.

Tandoor Palace- ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
88 Fulton St
New York, NY 10038
Visit Website
Visit Yelp


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